Anna Mendenhall

Licensed Certified Social Worker

Is your child or teen experiencing emotional or behavioral struggles that make family life or school difficult? Does worry, stress, sadness, or anger interfere with their ability to enjoy the day? Have you noticed changes following a traumatic or scary experience, the death of a loved one, or a stressful event? If any of these situations sound familiar, you are not alone – and help is available.  

As a Licensed Certified Social Worker, I work with children, adolescents, and their families to provide personalized treatment to meet each client’s individual needs. Whether it’s helping a young child learn to express their feelings using therapeutic art and play, or working with an older child on how to cope with the difficulties of adolescence, my approach to therapy is caring, collaborative, and non-judgmental. I offer a safe and supportive atmosphere for communication, personal growth, and healing.

I am an Arkansas native. I earned my BA at the University of the Ozarks and my MSW at the University of Arkansas. I have been providing mental health services to young people in Northwest Arkansas since 2014.