Wellness & Courage offers psychiatry services to the NWA area, both to individuals who receive counseling services within Wellness & Courage and individuals who receive counseling services at a different location.

Dr. Lange provides treatment for patients of a wide variety of ages, from 12-65 yrs of age. She also provides care for several patients outside of this age range. However, for those younger than 12 yrs or older than 65 yrs, and in need of treatment that requires a child or geriatric psychiatrist specialist – Dr. Lange will facilitate referrals to these specialists and will provide interim treatment/care until such specialized treatment can be established.

Dr. Lange routinely works to establish relationships with other primary care physicians and specialists in the community, within which she is well-respected. She believes the best psychiatric care is provided as part of a team with other physicians when complex cases are concerned.

Genetics Testing

Want to get the most out of your psychiatry experience? Dr. Lange offers genetics testing, which allows Dr. Lange to test for any conflicts in metabolism of various different medications. This testing can help determine a medication that is going to be metabolized most effectively, in order to reach the target dose quickly and decrease risk of side effects. For more information on how genetics testing can help you, talk to Dr. Lange about it during your next appointment!