Wellness & Courage's Clinical Psychologist, Heather L. Shy, LPC, offers ADD & ADHD testing for adults.  Heather offers various performance tests and rating scales to evaluate for the appropriateness of a diagnosis of ADHD and to screen for other possible diagnoses to be considered. Her assessments include a differential diagnosis and recommendations for treatment as applicable.

There are three types of ADHD:

Predominanty Inattentive Type: Often become easily distracted by irrelevant sights and sounds. May fail to pay attention to details and make careless mistakes. Have difficulty following instructions carefully and often lose or forget things like tools needed for a task. Can be seen skipping from one uncompleted activity to another.

Predominantly Hyperactive/Impulsive Type: Seem “on the go” or constantly in motion. May feel internally restless. May report needing to stay busy or needing to do several things at once.

Combined Type: Symptoms of both inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity.
A correct diagnosis of ADHD can bring a sense of relief. Undiagnosed individuals often develop negative perceptions of themselves that may have led to low self-esteem in adulthood. With an accurate diagnosis, adults with ADHD can begin to understand the reason behind some of their problems and can begin to face them.

All evaluations include:

An initial interview, which allows for time to discuss your concerns and gather additional information which will help determine specific tests to be used in your evaluation.

Additional appointment(s) to complete psychological testing, which includes
various paper and pencil or computer based assessment instruments that are
completed with the evaluator in the office.

After all testing is completed, scored, interpreted, and a report is written, a follow up session is scheduled to discuss the results of your evaluation and
recommendations for treatment.


Initial interview - $250/90 minutes

Test administration - $165/hour

(number of hours total depends on type of evaluation)

Clinician scoring and interpretation of testing and report writing - $165/hour (number of hours total depends on type of evaluation)

Follow up session - $165/hour